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We Carry Out Firebreaks and Tractor Slashing in Perth

Tractor Slashing

Whilst we specialise in lawn maintenance, we also have the machinery to tackle larger areas such as paddocks and fields in Perth. We have heavy-duty equipment such as a slasher and a flail mower, which allows us to offer tractor slashing amongst our many services.
Our expert drivers and operatives can tractor slash your property to remove really long grass and bush and provide a total land clearing solution.
Of course, we are also able to brush cut around buildings, trees or features and do more intricate work wherever necessary.


With Australia’s hot environment, fire safety is crucial in the hotter months. Lawnbusters Lawn Mowing Service can install and maintain firebreaks. Our team are able to identify areas of risk and advise where firebreaks may need installing. We can then carry out all the necessary work to keep your premises and grounds safe in the unfortunate event of nearby fire. Remember, no job is too big for us!

Call Lawnbusters Lawn Mowing Service today on 0432 058 775 to find out about our firebreak installation and tractor slashing services
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